Gifts of Being a Sensitive Soul Classes

Gifts of Being a Sensitive Soul and Strategies for Thriving Introduction

Sensitive Souls are intuitive, conscientious, intelligent and spiritual seekers. We think deeply and feel emotions intensely. We process physical stimuli at a lower threshold by being bothered by crowded places, bright lights, noise and chaos. We can be easily overwhelmed and need to time alone to recharge.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Characteristics of a Sensitive Soul
  • Gifts and Talents you have as a Sensitive Soul
  • Tools and Strategies for Thriving in the World

Register for Summer 2018 classes by clicking the dates below:

 July 21st at 10 am to 1 pm

 August 18th at 10 am to 1 pm

Cost $34

Classes held at Studio Beju: 15630 Main St NE, Duvall

Sensitive Souls share a number of characteristics, summarized in the acronym DOES.

D: Depth of Processing. You think deeply. You prefer to discuss the meaning of life rather than practical issues such as the weather. At work, you think about how things are done, and how they might be done better.

O: Overstimulation. You feel frazzled when there is a lot going on, or when you have to change tasks frequently. You are stressed by loud working conditions and working in groups. You pick up on others’ emotions and notice the good and bad dynamics of a group.

E: Emotionally Reactive. You react strongly to both positive and negative events. You have a lot of empathy and feel other people’s emotional or physical pain. You are disturbed by injustices in the world.

S: Notice Subtleties. You notice details in your surroundings. You may not even realize you notice more details than others. Your reports are more thorough than your co-workers. You are a master craftsperson. You notice slight changes in the weather. You may be bothered by strong smells, loud noises, bright lights or rough fabrics.

Sensitive Souls think in a highly complex and creative fashion. They learn quickly and are thorough, conscientious, and notice details. They can be overwhelmed by noisy, chaotic environments, too much to do in a short time, and negative feedback. They put a lot of pressure on themselves and can burn out easily.

One out of five people are a Sensitive Soul. High sensitivity is a genetic and biological difference between people that is present from birth. Scientific research has found that highly sensitive persons share a normal variation in the genes that govern the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) dopamine and serotonin. As a result, their brains are more vigilant and their bodies more affected by the stimuli in their environment.

This concept was first identified by Elaine Aron in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person. Learn more about Elaine Aron’s work.


“I admit that I was skeptical about how a life coach could help me. My preconception of life coaching was that it was for people who were already successful and just wanted someone to help them be more successful. I’m a single working mom who is barely making ends meet. How could life coaching help me? I just need to work as many hours as I can to put food on the table! I don’t have time to pursue some castle in the sky. But I’m happy to say that I was wrong – life coaching with Katharine HAS helped me.

Katharine made it a point to meet me where I was in life – she listened to me and accepted me as I am without judgment. And then she asked how my values were reflected in my life. She helped me see how I was already successful at so many things by the measure of my own values – not those I imagined other people might judge me by. Katharine helped me identify what was working in my life and what was not, and pointed me toward some steps I could take to further develop what was working and deal with what was not. As a result, I am happier in my job, I have found the courage to take on some tasks that I didn’t think I was capable of, and I have even found a little time to work in some creative projects of my own that I thought were too self-indulgent to pursue.”

Microsoft Professional

“What I love about you as a coach is that you really understand yourself….You are totally authentic and genuine. … you are easy to talk with and you go deep quickly and with ease. You know how to listen

well and I feel totally heard (this is rare). …you bring a lot of tools and that you have used yourself…. You haven’t had an easy life, you’ve been through tough places and you are better for it. You are NOT judgmental or critical and I feel very safe with you.

This doesn’t happen easily for me. You give me permission to be messy, imperfect and totally human.”

Human Resources Manager

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