Being a Sensitive Person

Why is it so difficult to accept myself and my sensitive temperament?

Okay, so I’m a sensitive person. Accepting the many ways that I am sensitive has been a life long struggle. Though I’ve known about the sensitive temperament for 10 years now, I do forget. Ususally the forgetting has to do with getting overwhelmed and then being hard on myself. Last Sunday I attended a play at the local theater and found myself overwhelmed. I forced myself to stay rather than take a break from the intensity. When I discount a part of myself,  I value myself less, and make life more difficult. I’m learning to forgive myself for this harshness.

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3 thoughts on “Being a Sensitive Person

  1. I appreciate your writing, and like the comment “forgive myself for this harshness.” We, me, the world now needs sensitivity, softness, stillness because so much is about harsh, over the top, loud and lots of stimulus. I like remembering and valuing being sensitive to the more subtle. The color, images and feel of this blog are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for expanding my understanding of what it means to be a sensitive person. I took the sensitive test and scored just below the highly sensitive level. I had always considered myself a sensitive person but now I know my definition only included the emotional component. I had never considered that some people can be overwhelmed by sensory input. For me my sensitivity is more emotional. In the past I was very easy to get my feeling hurt over any personal criticism even when done in a playful or joking way. But as my self-esteem has increased I find this less of a problem. I also can sometimes be overwhelmed by feeling of empathy. I can be very easily brought to tears by watching movies when I feel a strong empathy or sadness toward a character. I used to feel ashamed of these emotions because in my home growing up I was shamed for showing emotions or crying. But nowadays I am actually proud of being able to feel these emotions and honor them by crying. I consider my kindness and empathy toward others some of my best traits.

  3. Very important topic Katharine. It’s very important to value the things that make us who we are and to see the gift in our own uniqueness. The wisdom is in the gift and our giftedness is a key to recognizing our special contribution.

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