Take Action, Make Mistakes, & Learn

It’s been a ten month journey in Martha Beck’s Life Coaching School and now the formal classes are finished. Now what? Oh my God, how do I do this thing? What if I fail?

At this point I’m tired of letting fear paralyzed me I’m in recovery from perfectionism and approval seeking. As Brene Brown says perfectionism is an armor that we use to protect ourselves. The problem is the strategy of perfectionism doesn’t work. It keeps me stuck from taking action and trying new things. It may feel like I’m staying safe but in reality I keep my world small and frankly boring. I want more. In improv they encourage and celebrate failure. I’m going to count my failures and see what happens.

Today I started posting to my business Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/katharinewismer/ on the topics of perfectionism and approval seeking. “Like” my page and get updates on ways shift to vitality and living your dreams.

I’m learning to take action, make mistakes and learn along the way.

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