Honesty & Heroes

annette-lake-with-gay-8-4-2016What does it take to really honest? I mean totally honest about all the crazy things you think and feel. What would it be like to not have to tell white lies? Pretend that everything is okay when it isn’t.

I’m realizing I have two modes in my life: Either I am totally strong, brave and just go, go, and say yes, yes or I’m a mess, meek, shy, uncertain, confused, and afraid of everything. It’s an all or nothing kind of existence. I’m tired of the dance and the energy it takes to ramp up and be super woman. I want to find a balance between the two worlds.

My heroes are Elizabeth Gilbert who just came out as gay. She divorced her Brazilian husband from Eat, Pray, Love earlier this year. Today, I read that she is living with her best friend and now partner. She is brutally honest and in love with a woman.

Hero number two is Martha Beck who is so honest and radical and amazing. She is living with her partner Karin and had her downs syndrome child Adam; who left the Mormon Church; and continues to evolve and grow. In today’s Live Facebook Martha talked about the sensitive, anxious types who would have been shamans and medicine woman in another era. If we don’t follow our calling we get shaman sickness.

Another hero is Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, researcher of shame, vulnerability, and being radically honest with those who have earned the right to hear your truth.

A new hero as of today: Glennon Doyle Melton author of the book published today “Love Warrior.” I’ve read the first two chapters and she was an alcoholic & bulimic who is super sensitive; she feels deeply and is usually afraid and anxious. The super sensitive, always afraid and anxious sounds just like me.

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