Why does life seem so challenging?

What if everything that happens to you is helping you to heal? What if it is a purification process? What if your higher self is leading you towards a different life? What if your thinking is holding you back?

Martha Beck is one of my heroes. This morning I listened to a recent interview with Martha. She describes why 2016 was so tough. The healing of the planet is clearing out where you are out of alignment & integrity. It’s time to clear out the cob webs within you. Consciousness requires a continuous cleaning out the old and allowing a higher consciousness to emerge. Find the tools that help you to let go of the old and allow the transformation to happen.

Listen to the amazing Martha Beck….

One thought on “Why does life seem so challenging?

  1. I love Martha Beck too, I actually read her stories to my kids at night even though they are teenage boys 😉 They like her sense of humor and I like giving them new perspectives to think about in life.

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