Webinar Series: Your Authentic Self is Calling, Will You Answer?

Your Authentic Self Webinar Series - Beach with girl thumbs upRegistration  

Do you know the sound of your Authentic Self? Maybe it’s not a sound at all. Is it more like the rustling in the pit of your stomach? What is that thing that keeps popping up and saying, “I’ll do that thing when …..”

In this webinar series you’ll learn techniques for listening to Your Authentic Self by harnessing the power of your own internal guidance system. With this direction, tap into what wants to emerge from you in the form of a Wildly Improbable Goal. Break it down to the smallest steps possible with Turtle Steps. Find support and guidance as you navigate the calm and turbulent waters to reach your goal and answer your Authentic Self’s Calling.

When:                 3 Tuesdays: March 21st, 28th, April 4th
Time:                  4:30-6 pm Pacific / 6:30-8 pm Central
Length:               90 minutes
Price:                   $49.00 (One Time Introductory Price) 

In The Webinar Series You Will…

  • Answer the Call of Your Authentic Self
  • Recognize Your Social Self and Essential Self
  • Listen to your Body Compass
  • Defrost Dreams
  • Create Wildly Improbable Goals
  • Turtle Step Your Wildly Improbable Goals into Reality
  • Receive Weekly Handouts and Recorded Sessions
  • Use Unlimited Email Support
  • Obtain Coaching during Webinar
  • Receive Discounted Individual Coaching Packages
  • 4.5 hours of Webinar Time!

Your Instructors:

Brigitte M Volltrauer Shipman and Katharine Wismer

Both presenters are Martha Beck trained life coaches as well as educational leaders, teachers, and curriculum developers.


Week One Topics

  • Find Your Personal “Why”
  • Pre-work for each week’s class
  • Martha Back Change Cycle
  • Square Two, Dreaming and Scheming
  • Meet You Where You Are
  • Reflection Questions for Next Session

Week Two Topics

  • Reflection since last week
  • Transform Enjoyable Activity into a Wildly Improbable Goal
  • Revisit Your Body Compass
  • Social & Essential Self
  • More Defrosting , Square One
  • Wildly Improbable Goal
  • Setting Up Your Own Scheme
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Reflection Questions

Week Three Topics

  • Reflection since last week
  • Be Kind. Check Body Compass
  • Turtle Steps
  • Work, Play, then Work and Play
  • Coaching you into Action
  • Celebrate



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