Byron Katie’s The Work Gathering!

Byron Katie and her husband, Steven Mitchell, are in Seattle to talk about her new book, “A Mind at Home with Itself.” I hope to see you at Third Place Books.

IMG_3273.jpgI’ve found “The Work” to be an incredibly helpful way of peering into my mind, which can be a dangerous place. Byron Katie’s Four Questions and Turn Arounds are an inquiry into your thinking. I learned to do “The Work” in 2016 while taking Martha Beck coach training. Last summer I attended a 4 day training called Camp for the Work.  I am not an official “facilitator” though I practice it often which is how we learn!  

Practice, practice, practice!! Drop in sessions to practice and learn!
Join others in a small group to learn together!
Only $12/session to cover costs of technology.


I look forward to see you and practicing together!

Check Byron Katie’s free resources of how to do “The Work!” 

Pull up a chair and let’s practice together!


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