Class: Listen to Transform Your Life

Katharine_Leadership Presence_Studio_Beju_04-28-18

Most often we listen to reply. We don’t take the time to focus on the person speaking and really get what they are saying.  Instead we focus on what we think about what the speaker is saying and what we want to say in reply. We are not intentional in listening deeply to our loved one. We jump in with our own thoughts and opinions not knowing if we truly comprehended what the other said.

In this class, we’ll discuss a listen model that encourages you to Focus, Acknowledge, Invite and Summarize. We’ll dive into what each of these aspects of listening means and how to implement these skills in a conversation. You’ll practice these listening skills with a partner and receive supportive feedback.

Join us for a fun and engaging listening class where you’ll learn and practice heartfelt listening. You’ll be amazed at your ability to feel more love and connection with those you love!

FREE Class is on April 28th at 10.30am – noon

Studio Beju, 15630 Main St NE, · Duvall, WA 98019


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