Louise Markham, Microsoft Training Manager

Life coaching with Katharine is an amazing process. She has an ability and capacity to take herself out of the situation. She is not reactive. I can trust Katharine to let me process my stuff. She holds the space for me to do the work. When I ask, she gives me great suggestions. It’s more the questions she asks that help me to see what’s in my heart.

What I love most about Katharine is that she is a very good listener. If she doesn’t understand, she’ll ask questions. She is very attentive.

I trust that Katharine knows what I’m talking about. I feel heard and understood. It’s so valuable to have someone with great empathy who is not trying to fix me. Because she listens well, I know my issue will be addressed. She NEVER JUDGES me.

I tell others about the “thought work” I did with Katharine. It helped me challenge my faulty thinking. Because of this work I’ve made powerful life choices. I gained the courage to leave a relationship, which was very difficult to do.

The one thing I appreciate about Katharine is she truly listens deeply and I feel totally seen.