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“I admit that I was skeptical about how a life coach could help me. My preconception of life coaching was that it was for people who were already successful and just wanted someone to help them be more successful. I’m a single working mom who is barely making ends meet. How could life coaching help me? I just need to work as many hours as I can to put food on the table! I don’t have time to pursue some castle in the sky. But I’m happy to say that I was wrong – life coaching with Katharine HAS helped me.

Katharine made it a point to meet me where I was in life – she listened to me and accepted me as I am without judgment. And then she asked how my values were reflected in my life. She helped me see how I was already successful at so many things by the measure of my own values – not those I imagined other people might judge me by. Katharine helped me identify what was working in my life and what was not, and pointed me toward some steps I could take to further develop what was working and deal with what was not. As a result, I am happier in my job, I have found the courage to take on some tasks that I didn’t think I was capable of, and I have even found a little time to work in some creative projects of my own that I thought were too self-indulgent to pursue.”