Stanford Trained Professional

Katharine brings so much to the coaching relationship.

Compassion/kindness/gentleness/sensitivity/humility.  She shows her vulnerability and allow others to feel safe and accepted.  She shares insights and ideas without being judgmental.  She has a soft, warm energy about her.

Calmness/serenity/constancy. At her core she is steady, reliable, and true.  Her highest self is always there and I always notice it. There is an essential Katharine-ness.

Authenticity/genuine-ness/sincerity/honesty. Katharine has true integrity with who she is. She doesn’t play games or have a hidden pettiness. She tells me what I need to hear, gently calling me on my bull shit. I know she can be trusted.

Good listener/interpreter.  Katharine listens deeply and patiently, taking it all in. Then she processes what she’s heard taking in my complicated, muddled ideas and feelings. She’s able to sift through all the noise and find the key messages.